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Virus Removal Is Our Specialty

More than 90% of our calls are for Virus or Spyware removal services. Each time we discover a new virus we perform a full analysis of the threat and develop a solution. During our removal services we run a series of scans, each one doing a different type of scan and looking for a different type of virus. We use a combination of quick scans along with thourgh scans as well as manual removal. This means that a  TeamGeek technician will go through your computer with a fine tooth comb, look at each and every file running on your computer and scan, clean, repair and double check it to ensure that the file is valid.

Rogue Antivirus Programs

 This is the new type of virus that is floating around the Internet. It is a fake program that tries to make it look like an antivirus program scanning your computer and will always comes up with several severe infections. Everything that gets detected is actually fake, and is only a tactic used to scare you. The goal of this virus is to make you think it is helping you find Viruses and will request that you purchase the full version of the program for cleaning. However, it is this program itself that is the only virus running. Purchasing the software does nothing, and will still leave you with the virus. After making the payment, there is no way to contact the company. We suggest that you contact your credit card company immediately and file a billing dispute for a refund.

How Can We Help?

TeamGeek technicians clean viruses and learn about new threats on a daily basis. We will go through your entire computer to ensure that by the time our service is complete you are 100% virus free. As with every online call, we will provide an additional service of tuning up your computer to increase its speed and efficiency.
When we perform our maintenance on your computer another check that we do is to see what is taking up your memory.   Often times there are unnecessary hidden programs that are running in the background are using up computer disk space and memory. TeamGeek will go through each and every running process of your computer to ensure it is performing at it's maximum speed.

Computers accumulate many extra files over time. In fact, every website that you visit actually saves files onto your computer. As you can imagine, after a while that can be a lot of files. This can take up much of you storage space and if you have limited amounts of space that will cause a slow down.

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